Part-3 Buddhism and restriction that were built into the vedas 

Sheldon Pollock Claim:Buddhism toppled restriction that were built into the vedas 

Response: Ashok Aklujkar disagrees with Pollock’s claim that Buddhism toppled
restrictions that were built into the Vedas- He says that brahmins were competing with Buddhists and Jains in Sanskrit knowledge production. The social restrictions, he feels, may have been a competitive strategy to assimilate all social groups and the texts being produced. By way of analogy, one may think of norms and rituals within fraternities and clubs today as mechanisms for strengthening group identity- This is not theologically driven but a competitive strategy to promote group  cohesiveness for the sake of gaining market share,Hence, it is pragmatic and not metaphysical in origin.

Reference:  Rajiv Malhotra, ‘The Battle For Sanskrit’ p.158 Harper Collins ISBN:978-93-5177-538-6

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